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About MFBC

The Malaysian-Finnish Business Council (MFBC) is a private, voluntary and non-profit organization established in 2001 with the mission to “foster friendship and promote close and harmonious educational, economical, trade and industrial relations between Malaysia and Finland”.


MFBC is still today a private, voluntary and non-profit organization linking the private and public sectors of Malaysia and Finland together, encouraging companies to start doing business in Malaysia, and promoting greater understanding between the countries through open communication and cooperation. One of our key objectives is also to provide a discussion and networking platform for companies and organizations operating in Malaysia.


MFBC doesn’t provide direct business consulting, start-up or financial advisory services, we are an essential connection between Finnish companies already operating in Malaysia or companies looking to enter the market, linking them together with government organizations, ministries and consulting service providers in Malaysia. 

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Our Strategy and Plan of Action


MFBC works closely together with the Finnish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Finpro, the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) and the other European and Nordic Business Councils, which all are important links between the business community, government and public sectors in Malaysia. 


Our mutual goal is to promote the Malaysian market and business environment to Finnish companies and organizations and to encourage more companies to establishing an office or setting up operations in Malaysia. MFBC’s role and presence in Malaysia is valuable and highly beneficial as we represent all our members equally, promoting and safeguarding the motives and interests of our members on the market.

MFBC Organizational Structure


The Malaysian-Finnish Business Council consists of corporate and individual members, mainly Finnish companies and entrepreneurs operating in Malaysia. 

MFBC's board of directors annually elects an Executive Committee for MFBC. The ExCo consists of four directors and other representatives from the member companies. The ExCo’s main purpose is to be the operational, active and productive body of the business council and the committee convenes on a regular basis to discuss current affairs, upcoming issues and plan new activities. The Executive Committee consists of Directors and Representatives from member companies and gets together several times a year to discuss current issues and plan new activities. 


MFBC also represents FInnish companies' business interest as a Board Member and Stakeholder in the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Eurocham), which is the combined Chamber of all EU business chambers in Malaysia. MFBC's members can beocme advocate members of the Eurocham with nominal fee or they can choose to join EUMCCI as direct members.

Through MFBC's vast network of connections and continous cooperation with the Finnish Embassy, Finpro, Eurocham and the other European and Nordic business chambers, our members are connected to a wide range of government administrations, public sector organizations, private sector corporations, business advisory consultants and other organizations in Malaysia, and part of the ever growing European Business Organization (EBO) network worldwide.


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