Member Benefits

By becoming a member of MFBC your company and employees will be connected to a wide network of government administrations, public sector organizations, private sector corporations, business advisory consultants and other organizations in Malaysia, and you will be part of the ever growing European Business Organization (EBO) network worldwide.


MFBC does not provide direct business consulting services but acts as an important link between the Finnish companies, consulting service providers, the private and public sector bringing different parties together and communicating information between organizations. 



MFBC works closely together with the Finnish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, which in many aspects is the first stepping stone for companies entering into Malaysia and a vital link between small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and the business community in Malaysia.


Together with the Finnish Embassy, EUMCCI and the other European and Nordic buiness councils, MFBC supports promoting the Malaysian markets and business environment to Finnish companies and organizations already operating on the market and to newcomers looking to establish a base in Malaysia.


Our mutual goal is to attract more Finnish companies to the region and to support companies starting business in Malaysia. MFBC’s cooperation and help is highly appreciated to present and promote the motives for companies to enter the Malaysian market.


The most visible part of MFBC’s operations is the large number of events that we organize together with the other business chambers, embassies and government organizations. These events and activities are essential for our members to network, share experiences, exchange information and gain new connections, both with potential business partners, other Finnish companies operating in Malaysia and with Malaysian government officials. 


Apart from attending interesting networking events, you will also have the opportunity to promote and boost your business through the various events and functions, such as Interchamber Networking Events, VIP Luncheons, Ambassador’s Business Luncheons, Industrial and Sectorial Committees, Industry Site and Company Visits, or through your company profile published on the MFBC website, in the MFBC newsletter, in the EU-Malaysia Business Directory, and the EUMCCI Review –magazine. 



MFBC's main objectives are to:


  • foster friendship and promote close and harmonious educational, economical, trade and industrial relations between Malaysia and Finland.

  • promote greater understanding between the private sectors of Malaysia and Finland regarding the economic and trade policies and situations of both countries.

  • provide a discussion and meeting forum for companies and businesses in trade between Malaysia and Finland.

  • gather, publish and distribute information on business related topics for the members.

  • organize events and meetings providing opportunities for networking to the members.

  • enter into friendly and favorable relationship with other related organizations and councils.

  • arrange for exchange of information related to trade, investment, tourism, public sector policies and other related areas relevant to business relations between the private sectors of Malaysia and Finland and the council's members.

If You are interested in joining our business council, please fill out the membership equiry form and send to us. You membership application is subject to approval by our ExCo. You can download the membership application form here.